Discover The Easy Way To Master Test Automation

Even if you have no experience with coding
And without having to learn every automation tool and language on the planet

  • Quadruple Your Learning Speed: There's a little-known, science-backed method I used to supercharge my learning. Could it unlock your potential too?
  • The Four Traps to Avoid if you really want to master test automation...
  • The Truth About AI And Test Automation: AI is reshaping our industry: Can you harness it to stay ahead of the curve?
  • Eliminate The Fear Of Coding: There's a secret key to transform coding fear into confidence. What could it mean for your automation skills?
  • Three Must-Knows Before Touching an Automation Tool: Think you're ready to use an automation tool? Not before you know these three essentials.

"Great insights on Agile Test Automation addressing a clear learning approach, pitfalls & tips. Worth reading!" 

Phalani Medavarapu, DevOps Engineer,

"Maximize Your Testing Potential with an AUTOMATION LEARNING STRATEGY" 

Françoise Acevedo, Software QA,

" Recommended for anyone learning test automation or planning to do so" 

Dheeraj Gambhir, Senior Manager (SDET)

Discover The Fast Track To Unlocking Higher Earnings, More Satisfying Work, and Better Job Security As A Senior Test Automation Engineer

Feeling undervalued as a manual tester? Monotony sinking in?

Boost your value with the shift to automation. Senior Test Automation Engineers are earning up to 70% more in the UK, North America, Europe*, double in Central America**, and nearly quadruple in India!

This eBook is your shortcut to this lucrative path. Using science-backed methods, it's already helped thousands of testers become proficient automation engineers quickly. Say goodbye to perplexing tutorials and dull courses!

Master AI tools like ChatGPT, gain crucial agile test automation skills, and get universal tips applicable across tech and languages.

Stay focused with a one-page roadmap you can print and hang on your wall. Get quick results, avoid problems, and find out the best order to learn things so they're easy to remember.

With the "Test Automation Made Easy" eBook, you'll fast-track your learning, increase job prospects, enhance your testing capabilities, and bolster your confidence.

Embark on your test automation journey now and reach your peak as a tester!

This Roadmap Has Helped Thousands Of Testers Just Like You Start Their Test Automation Journey

Are you ready to take your testing career to the next level? The guide is crammed with actionable tips and advice, from decades of experience in both learning and teaching test automation. Some of the gems include:
  • The Golden Rule To Success in Test Automation (pages 2-3)
    The little-known Learning Science strategy that can supercharge your test automation skills
  • The Three Traps To Avoid When Learning Test Automation (pages 4-7)
    Hint: you are probably doing at least two of these at the moment
  • How To Stay Ahead Of The Curve And Make AI Work For You (page 8) 
  • How To Use Test Automation To Stand Out In Your Organisation (page 10) 
    To position yourself for career advancement and new opportunities
  • How To Build Your Own Tailored Learning Strategy and Roadmap (page 11)
    Stay motivated, focus and on track to mastering test automation.
  • The Three Pillars of Agile Test Automation (page 13)
    The three key areas you need to master if you want to be a confident agile test automation engineer.
  • The Six Skills You'll Need To Learn (page 17)
    No matter what domain or technology you are working in

"Crammed with valuable advice and actionable tips"

 No one should call themselves a software tester if they don't master these 3 skills.
What a relief! Finally a test automation learning roadmap that treats technical, theoretical and communication knowledge equally. 

No one should call themselves a software tester if they don't master these 3 skills. Thanks to John Ferguson Smart, you have no longer an excuse!

Philippe Avanzini
QA Evangalist, France

 How to begin your test automation journey
And avoid the most time-consuming mistakes.

Jan Pacuski
Senior Testing Analyst, Poland

 These tips will get you moving forward with confidence!
When you are in the twilight zone between manual testing and automation good learning paths are hard to find.

Internal training can be patchy with no safe space to try and fail, and mentors may not exist.

This set of tips describe some familiar pitfalls and offer a really helpful alternative vision to get you moving forward with confidence!

Iain MacGranthin
Principal Quality Assurance Engineer, United Kingdom

I'm John Ferguson Smart, and I've been teaching testers how to do test automation for over two decades. 

I've had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest banks and financial corporations in the world, and let me tell you, I've seen some things!

When it comes to learning test automation, there are a lot of mistakes that testers tend to make. I've seen them time and time again, and it's not pretty. 

But I knew that there had to be a better way.

So I decided to create a guide that would help testers learn test automation better. 

I put together a step-by-step method that focuses on the core principles and techniques of automation testing. 

And let me tell you, it works! 

I've been using this method to train top-performing test automation engineers all over the world for almost a decade, and let me tell you, the results are truly amazing

Until now, this guide has only been available for my large corporate clients, but I know that there are a lot of testers out there who could benefit from it. 

That's why I'm now making it available to everyone.

My goal is to help testers everywhere learn test automation in a way that is not only effective but also efficient and enjoyable. 

Whether you're just starting out or looking to take your testing career to new heights, I have no doubt that this guide will help you reach your goals. 

So why not give it a try and discover the power of test automation mastery for yourself?
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